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Disillusioned democrat

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Mar 16, 2010
What has been clear to some up to recently but has become abundantly clear to nearly everyone since Sept 14 is that really Brian Cowen is the biggest single problem facing this country. His fingerprints are on every single factor contributing to our downfall – second round of benchmarking, continued property reliefs, financial regulation, the bank guarantee and most working of all (IMHO) the kitchen cabinet he created to “solve” the Anglo problem.
The FF/GP coalition has failed to grasp the nettle during any of the recent budgets, increasing the scale of the problem and delaying our recovery, most likely to avoid the hard decisions that might lead to an election, and he is still stumbling on regardless of the fact that he has a dwindling majority.
The global markets – beloved by FF/GP up to recently, until they stopped believing the spoofers – have clearly indicated that they’re not buying it anymore and see an election as the only way to provide the political stability. Olli Rehn nearly came out and said this too, but obviously couldn’t be seen to interfere with what passes for democracy here lately.
The only question I have is this…is Cowen staying the course because he actually believe he’s the right man for the job – the best chance we have for as painless and speedy recovery possible, or is he just holding on as long as possible to defer the inevitable backlash, stroke his ego and line his pockets (via his FFriends and supporters). If it’s the first, he’s clearly stupid, if it’s the second he’s a traitor. (IMHO, of course)

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