Creighton: we "need to pass the Budget"


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Nov 6, 2010
We elect people to represent us in the Dail. Regardless of their political affiliations, they are elected to make decisions. Any party or TD that decides to abstain on tomorrows budget, should receive no votes in the upcoming election.

We do not elect people to abstain form voting. We elect them to vote. Whoever agrees with the main outlines of the budget should support it. Those who think it is too much or gone to far should oppose it. That's what they're meant to do.

If any party or TD's abstain, they should be vilified. That is a coward's way out , with the country in the state it's in. Let people stand up and be counted one way or the other. Believe in the basic outline of the budget or don't. But for God's sake (or anyones else's, depending on your views), don't be muppets and abstain. Do your job and vote.

I will personally lead a campaign against anyone or any party who abstains the vote. Don't mind if parties vote for or against because that is what they are elected to do and then leave it to the people to decide their fate afterwards.

PS. Unfortunately, I forgot my old password and my old email is now defunct. If any of the members feel the same adn are willing to start a thread on this, I will be happy to keep it going.
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Tomas Mor

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Feb 22, 2010
What will Lucy do today if her stunt is not needed- Lowry and JHR are doing the needful.

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