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Sep 22, 2006
Has the time come to regard "putting it in the wife's name" as an act of joint enterprise under criminal law? This has been a ploy for many to put questionable assets beyond the reach of the law and while mechanisms exist to remove that barrier in certain cases, should the "putting it in the wife's name" be simply redefined in criminal law?

Mrs FitzPatrick has €1.1m cash in banks - National News, Frontpage - Independent.ie


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May 27, 2004
As I understand it Revenue and the Courts consider any scheme or arrangement which is employed to evade taxes that would otherwise be payable as capable of being considered null and void and therefore disregarded (or reversed) in calculating liability - so it's already there in real terms - not sure there is a point in it becoming a criminal offence when the real issue is to hit the offender with the relevant tax or other liability.

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