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May 4, 2004
The US based Electronic Frontier Foundation has called for the EU Directive on data retention to be withdrawn. While slightly 'rich' for a US organisation to make such a call the argument is valid, the Directive has been criticised in a a number of places, even by the EU's own data commissioners. In addition there is considerable confusion as it has been transposed differently into national law in member states. In Ireland it has even been used to extend the term of retention, a matter which is being opposed by the EU!!!

Digital Rights Ireland has an ongoing case in the courts, I'm not sure where it is just now.

Former AG and Minister McDowall was the champion of its introduction in Ireland - he even threatened to bring the EU to its own court to ensure the length of retention....

The EFF argument is here -

EFF Urges EU Data Protection Authorities to Call for the Repeal of the EU Data Retention Directive | Electronic Frontier Foundation

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