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DCTU demonstration , Kildare Street , Today at 4pm

captain black

Active member
Dec 22, 2010
A protest against the budget cuts has been organised by the Dublin Council of trade Unions, for 4pm today against the budget cuts. This is the second protest organised by the DCTU, the question is why are SIPTU not backing this with all their weight. Surely even a half day stoppage would send a serious message to this Gov. that workers cannot bear the brunt anymore.

Although I think Jack O Connor will get short shift after calling protesters fascists at the last march.The weakest sections of society, the disabled, the single parents, the unemployed have been abandoned by the leaders of SIPTU because very simply, they have the power to force the Gov. into changing tack.

But given they refused to call for a left alliance and urged members to vote Labour in the GE, this could be very embarrassing for them.

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