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Denying Democracy: Govt' hopes for "No vote on abortion"

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Big Brother

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Feb 2, 2011
Coalition hoping to get abortion bill passed without vote - Independent.ie

So it looks like FG FF and Labour and SF will band together to push through xcase legislation without a vote.

Never mind that the Coroner's report showed that Savita's death was caused by hospital failure and not our laws

Or the signatures of 113 Psychiatrists saying abortion never helps a suicidal woman

Or the fact that not one psychiatrist has argued that it does

Or the blatant fact that Savita was clinging to life with every breath

Or the fact that according to evidence published weeks ago the governments intention to legalise in this area goes back to last June at least and therefore predates Savita's death, suggesting that her death was improperly used as propaganda weapon to push an agenda that was already well advanced.

Instead - based on an entirely misleading hijacking of a tragic death and a twisting of facts beyond recognition - it seems our entire political system is going to vote through the legalisation of abortion in Ireland by the back door.

Doubtless when they do the Irish Times guest voices on RTE and other commentators will applaud their "courage, maturity, [insert favourite condescending word], etc.." in "standing up" to the "extremists" in the pro life camp.

But the pro life camp didn't mislead the electorate before the election by promising not to legislate for abortion

Nor did they misuse a tragedy to push their agenda

The correct response to Savita's death was to sort out the dysfunctional regime in our hospitals.

What has actually happened is a guillotined abortion debate conducted by a media most of which has an agenda and - if this story is right - copperfastened by an Oireachtas with no interest in representing any diversity of views in Ireland other than those sanctioned and approved by the latest Irish Times editorial.

Maybe we should just scrap elections altogether and let Ivana Bacik and Aodhan O'Riordain decide gov't policy.

FF and FG seem to agree with them at least


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Aug 27, 2009
/MOD/ There is a huge thread on the current legislation and how it's being handled on the main page now. There are multiple other threads on abortion discussing all of the areas you have outlined above. /MOD./
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