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Mar 10, 2010
This is the solution to the problem in Limerick.
American cargo planes are landing and refueling at Shannon all the time.
So how about a few truckloads of 101st Airborne make a quick dash down to Moyross and Southhill, snatch all the scumbags (the Gardai have dossiers on all these hoodlums) whisk them off to Shannon and load them onto a C-130.
The USAF can fly a 100 miles out over the Atlantic and come back with an empty hold.
If anyone asks what happened to the Limerick gangsters the answer will be 'Who?'

Back in the 1970's in Argentina every week for about two years groups of up to 20 prisoners held at the infamous Naval Mechanical School in Buenos Aires were drugged and taken to the airport, where they were put on board a plane, flown out to sea and pushed out.:D
So you think you can be a thug yourself and have people murdered? Fits the greater good does it? Does that make you feel like a big man? In control? You wouldn't even do it yourself; you'd hire mercenaries. Sieg heil?

Believe all that, and i'll remind you of it after i blow your knee caps out with a sawn-off.

See I wouldn't have said that.. I'm a peaceful guy... but you brought me there. Thankfully I only said it to make a point.

If you can't act out of love, understanding and compassion, but instead only from loathing, misunderstanding and fear... then prepare to enter a vicious circle, or rethink your savage position.

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