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Disgraced Ex-Commissioner making things very awkward


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Nov 20, 2009
This Maltese lad resigned last week (although whether it was him resigning or being resigned by Barroso is unclear) over allegations he met with a rep from the Tobacco (or Snus!) industry who tried to bribe him.

EU commissioner quits on foot of fraud inquiry - The Irish Times - Wed, Oct 17, 2012

The former Health Commission is still protesting his innocence and implying that Barroso made him resign on threat of sacking him.

Today he held a press conference and it seems he is up for a fight.

Former EU commissioner launches blistering attack on Barroso: theparliament.com

I am not sure if Barroso has the power to sack him. I know the parliament can sack the whole Commission but that would be a nuclear option.

Of course the whole episode has people asking bigger questions about the accountability or complete lack of it relative to the massive powers of the EU Commission.


And finally just to note he will continue to get a fair lump of his salary for the next few years.....

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