DIY abortions in Ireland


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Oct 22, 2009
I think there is something seriously pathological about someone who would have a "partial birth abortion" and even more so about someone who would perform one. However as someone else pointed out when exactly human personality as opposed to life begins in the womb isnt a question there have been clear cut answers to through the years, and there is something are seriously disturbing about a lot of the "Pro-Life" movement (Army of God types, people who obesess over photographs of late abortions, etc).

This maybe immature but like I think a lot of Irish people I dont have exactly the knowledge to carefully examine the issue with the care it deserves, or much of the stomach to either...And I dont have a lot of trust for activists on both sides of the debate and I certainly dont want to have all the drama that is going on in the states over the issue here.
I agree. The abortion debate has been taken over by extremists in America. I think this was because Roe vs Wade decision taken by the Supreme Court. At the time abortion laws were being liberalised. A situation probably would have resulted in the East coast and West coast states having legal abortion while the south would have severely restricted it. Thanks to activist judges exceeding their mandate abortion debate became simplified regarding a single judicial decision, the Pro Life felt cheated while the pro choice lobby have to defend a judicial decision.

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