Donegal: Local Elections Predictions

the secretary

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Jan 29, 2013
There are 7 electoral districts in the county now and they will elect 37 Cllrs.

Donegal EA: 6 seats
There is 21 in the field. Niamh Kennedy, Killybegs and Tom Conaghan, Donegal Town who are both Indos will likely be elected.
The Shinners will elect 1, Jordan and FF will also but i haven't a clue of which of the 4 it will be.
FG should elect a Cllr. They have 3 candidates and I don't know which one will be the strongest.
That leaves one seat. I don't thing Maguire, who is Pringles man will make it. The field from Mountcharles to Killybegs is very crowded. I haven't a clue who will get the 6th seat. 2 Indos, 2 FF, 1 FG, 1 SF,

Letterkenny EA: 7 seats
Brogan FF, Mc Monagle SF, Kavanagh FG and another one of the 2 remaining FF candidates should be sure enough of a seat each. That leaves 3 seats.
There are 14 runners to date.
Cllr Michael Mc Bride, Indo and Cllr Glackin of SF should be in strong positions for seats and the FG newcomer Moran could suprise. Sweeney or Mc Clafferty might suprise.
The final 3 seats really are a lottery imo.
2 FF, 2 FG, 1 SF 2 Indos

Milford EA: 3 seats
The famous Cllr John O'Donnell will imo possibly top the poll. There is a very poor choice of candidate in one end if the constituency since Cllr Michael Mc Bride backed out of running in his home patch. O'Donnell will capitalise on this. Blaney of FF will be easily elected. Cllr Ian mc Garvey who will be 90 on his next birthday is in a strong position to keep his seat. The only threat he has is FG's Emer Friel but I reckon he will hold on. 1 FF, 2 Indos

Glenties EA: 6 seats
Cllr Seamus O'Donnell FF will hold his seat. FF have 3 more candidates and between them they are bound to elect another.
SF are running 3, 2 of them should make it but if pressure is put on them maybe 1 seat could be under threat. Cllr Michael Gillespie. FG should get a seat you would think. 2 FF, 2 SF, 1 FG, 1 Indo

Stranorlar EA: 6 seats.
2 SF, sold as a rock. 2 FF and 2 FG. I don't know much about this area. Mc Brearty joining FG has raised lot of eyebrows. I dont know of any strong Indo candidate running.

South Inishowen: 5 seats
2 FF, Cllr Canning and Cllr Donaghey. 1 FG Cllr Micky Doherty, 1 SF Cllr Murry and 1 Indo, Cllr Crossan who will be very strong.

North Inishowen: 4 seats
The last I heard there was only 4 declared candidates for 4 seats. Cllrs Mc Dermott FF, Mc Guinnness FG, Farren Lab and Doherty SF will all be returned with Mc Dermott romping home.

So, that leaves 8 FG, 8 SF, 12 FF, 1 Lab, Indos 8.
My last 3 seats in Letterkenny are a pure guess. SF could take 2 and FG 1.
As in Donegal, the final seat is a pure guess too.


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May 3, 2009
I know Donegal is a big county but do we really need 7 separate electoral areas and 37 councilors?

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