Drogheda Printer refuses to print Same Sex "wedding" invitations based on religious beliefs


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Feb 19, 2005
Poor Cookiemonster, attack the messenger, .
Ok fair enough, your message is as batshít as you are.


Yes homosexuality and heterosexuality is about sex.
Except when it's not... which, unless you're my brother's ex wife, is quite a lot of the time.

Its about sexual preference one of the fundamental characteristics that define a person.
Even if that were so sexual preference is isn't just defined by "make love, Shag, Bonk".

OBTW I have been invited to a gay wedding.
No you haven't.

What is the "I am not religious but approach " Is this another example of your open mind approach to discussion.
Sorry, does one being in possession of an open mind mean I have to accept the crap you're posting without question? Is that how it works?

Remarkable how you can deduce that I am mad yet you question my right to question the mental health of men engaging in abnormal sexual activity.
Remarkable indeed. It seems it is fine and dandy for you to declare homosexuality a mental illness (despite pretty much every respected medical professional not agreeing with you) but it is not OK for me to consider you nuttier than squirrel shít on foot of the raving nonsense you've polluted this thread with.

Buchaill Dana

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Mar 19, 2018
You may as an individual discriminate against whoever you may wish. It is when you enter the public sphere that the issue becomes something different. I would not in terms of faith class myself as a Christian what so ever , although I have and will attend weddings, funerals etc. in churches, But I have also attended Jewish , Moslem , Hindu and Buddhist ceremonies in synagogues, mosques, stupas and temples. I will not attending any gay weddings for the reasons already stated.
I have no medical training but I do not think it is absolutely necessary to determine if it is so obvious that someone has mental health issues. In my unprofessional, purely objective opinion any man who wishes to make love, Shag, Bonk, whatever with another man must have mental health issues. So while it may be natural for that person to have this inclination however it in no way normal behavior for a man so it is an abnormality.
What I think however is important is to maintain a degree of respect for people, regardless of their mental state. The other issue is to respect fundamentally different opinions. Your immediate reference to Bearded sky rapists annd sexual abuse associated with the Catholic Church, the supposition that I am Christian is a distraction and form of name calling and does not address the issues that I have raised.
First of all, this thread is not about you. Its about whether Catholics still have the right to discriminate.

I really have no idea what your last two posts are about, but it isn't the topic in hand.


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Oct 17, 2012
Sure Jay! In this day and age could they not do their wedding invitation to their taste on MS Word or MS Powerpoint, then go to an a stationery place and get good quality paper, then get it printed in an internet cafe. Save one load money in the process.

But maybe it's about societal change or compo ... highlighting the existence of discrimination or that.
A good time to do it now that Leo is Taoiseach.


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Nov 20, 2010
First of all, this thread is not about you. Its about whether Catholics still have the right to discriminate.
I'd be surprised if they were Catholics. The company name implies the owner has actually read the bible, which is not a very Catholic thing to do.

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