Dublin councilor John Lyons resigns from PBP

Antóin Mac Comháin

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Apr 18, 2017
so Lyons got back in which was against the trend for the SOL-PBP Dublin City Council: Chu sets the pace with Green Party making gains in all areas
'In an impassioned speech following his win, Mr Flynn said the experience of dealing with People Before Profit during the recount process has been “traumatic” and he compared the party and its supporters to the “Taliban or Isis” in their behaviour at the count centre in recent days.

“People Before Profit have no regard for democracy” and had sought to “undermine the democratic process,” he said.'

He saw the tide going out and jumped ship to save his own skin.

Good time to be an Indo.
The Headlines the day after the next General Election: Independents-4-Change decimated at the ballot box..

not to personalize it too much but it seems John Lyons address at the last election is a corner house that was greatly extended a long time ago and the gardens around where he lives a really big and long.

I wonder where this house is Council planning chief warns against log cabins in back gardens Dublin City Council 2178/17 wow its really big 310 Tonlegee Rd

look at the house behind it with the huge building in the back described as "Granny Flat to rear and link from existing house"
It's a good idea if you have extended family who own their own property, but pretty redundant as an idea for people who haven't got a foot on the property ladder, but I think that point is completely lost on Lyons and the Socialist Workers Party, or whatever they are called this week..

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