DUP’s only gay (openly) representative votes against gay pride motion


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May 28, 2009
Homosexual ideology?

I mean if your **** twitches if you see a bloke not a woman, that is an ideology?
Not that simple. A pro gay article said that in the UK 34% of 16-22 year olds believe they are something other than heterosexual. Therefore, it is clear that they are being influenced by the massive PR machine (so many "pride" flags , marches , celebrating them etc ) . The link to the article doesn't work but Google "love island failing it's audience " and you'll see the article. The Russians clearly have a point. Don't think it should be illegal but we need to consider the brainwashing effect on the young.


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Jun 5, 2017
"but Google love island failing it's audience "
I have to admit that that programme is a complete mystery to me - I have no idea what channel it is on or when it is screened. I suspect though I should just be grateful for the fact that I'd rather watch a football match or go to the pub and not delve any deeper. So I'll pass on that invitation. :)

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