Eamonn Magee : hard man.

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Nov 29, 2009
This Guardian story could equally go in the N.I politics section. Have to say I'm gobsmacked , not believing that they made characters like Magee any more. I worked in London with Magees from the Ardoyne bt they were nothing like this lad.


Magee is in trouble again because he and the writer Paul Gibson have produced a raw and riveting book which opens like this: “A book? Listen, I’ve been beaten with baseball bats, I’ve had my throat slashed, I’ve been kidnapped and exiled out of the country. I’ve been shot twice, I’ve been in prison and my son’s just been stabbed to death. Amongst all that, I was the welterweight champion of the world while drinking the bar dry and doing enough coke to kill a small horse every night. My life’s not a book. It’s a ************************************g movie script.”

How did Magee feel waiting for the knock on the door before he took a bullet in his calf? He shrugs. “It had to be dealt with. I knew it was going to be a flesh wound so hurry the ************************ up. When he took me down an alleyway I asked: ‘What it’s like getting shot?’ He said: ‘Like a hot poker going in your leg.’”

He retained his world title until May 2006 but he only had two fights in that troubled time. Magee had fallen out with a respected figure in Republican circles and, in a gruesome attack in 2004, his left leg was clubbed to a pulp. He suffered a compound fracture of his tibia and fibia, a shattered knee, and a punctured lung. They called him the Miracle Man when he returned to the ring.

I suggest we leave the house and go for a walk around Magee’s neighbourhood. Rather than waiting inside for a knock on the door, we will be less exposed to any stray visitors. Magee agrees but, first, we remember his son who was stabbed to death in May 2015 – by the jealous ex-husband of his girlfriend. Eamonn Jr was so different to him, studying engineering at university while also boxing, and the grief becomes too much. Magee starts to cry, a muffled ache falling from his mouth as tears roll down his face.

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