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Election deposits.. there is no such thing !!!


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Jan 23, 2005
This has come up again on the Meath East poll thread, and finally has gotten my goat enough to start a thread and try to explain something to people...

They do not exist anymore per se ... and haven't for I think around a decade now ...

The deposit system was challenged in the courts as a barrier to democracy, and replaced with the following system

If a candidate wishes to run in an election, they must have

1. A letter from a registered political party, stating that they are an approved candidate of that party

2. Pay a €500 fee to be put on the ballot (€100 for a local election)

3. Gather 30 signatures from registered voters in the constituency (10 for a local election)

S.I. No. 369/2012

What a candidate may get back, is a portion (not all by the way), of the expenses they incur in an election campaign, if they recieve more than 1/4 of the quota by the time they are eliminated from the election

In a 5 seater consituency... they must recieve more than 4.2% of the vote

In a 4 seater constituency ... they must recieve more than 5% of the vote

In a 3 seater constituency ... they must recieve more than 6.25% of the vote

In todays bye election, to be entitled to a return on expenses, a candidate will need to recieve more than 12.5% of the vote by the time they are eliminated (same as in the Presidential election)

But they don't get any deposits back... per se..

Con Gallagher

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May 25, 2010
Never underestimate the level of ingrained ignorance of posters on this site.

Council of Europe confused with EU
ECtHR confused with ECJ
Election poll "movements" less than 3% are seized upon to make a point.
Posters making poll of polls.
Then there's (uncorrected)misspellings in thread titles as well as deliberate misinformation.

You could go mad trying to keep people right.


Aug 14, 2008
My understanding is that if you go down the E500 route you can get some of this back by getting a certain percent.