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Duth Ealla

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ETA is continuing to work to keep the momentum up in the burgeoning peace process in the Basque country. They issued a statement saying they are willing to enter "deeper waters" in order to further the process.

How do dissident republican groups look at the Basque peace process?

Are there any established positions on it? If not why not? If it is argued that as its not related to the north and therefore, while sympathetic to the BAsques, they will not take a position then that is to totally ignore the fact that political events outside of the 6 counties have an important impact on the context the north exists in. Just imagine if the Workers Party had tried to pretend that the wall did not fall - and maybe to an extent some of them did try though thats an impression and hopefully one that WP people of the time might be able to illuminate.

Do dissidents look at the ETA leadership as traitors? If they argue that the current Sinn Fein leadership are traitors but the Basques may have "better" leaders then that is to recognise the peace process here as the correct strategy but they just disagree with elements of the implication of the strategy.

Alternatively if they argue that ETA's leadership are traitors then okay a matter of opinion but seems a bit dismissive of the idea that ETA, its leadership and supporters may believe that they can further Basque independence that route.

Genuinely interested in how anti-agreement republicans view the current strategy by ETA.


Duth Ealla

Permanent and verifiable Ceasefire

Guess there is no view.

Anyhow ETA have kept the ball in play (and incidentally thats the type of phrase that can get a Basque arrested) by saying that a permanent and verifiable ceasefire is on the cards if the conditions for such a move are created.

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