EU budget 2021-27


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Oct 16, 2012
One of my queries about brexit was how the EU's costs would be pared by 12%, now that the payer of 12% was leaving.

Stoopid really, there's no plan to cut costs, but increase them! Never mind that the EU is not brilliant at fostering growth or at finance, but they haven't done too badly for civil servants.

Increased costs mean more power to the centre, to do what exactly? To cut the CAP farming subsidies and spend more on economic migration. Why pay for the first 20 years of a serf's life and his pair of hands, when you can get it for free off a boat?

So it's just a proposal. Can anyone explain how we can pay more if the EU also ends (if it can) our corp tax system?

There's a lot to be said for limiting the EU's scope to its role in the 1990s, and sticking to being good at one thing, instead of a bit good and bad at lots of things, tinkering endlessly for the sake of it.

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