Evolution trumps revolution


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May 15, 2006
From the science part of today's IT (concentrate...)

Evolution trumps revolution - The Irish Times - Thu, Oct 14, 2010

How do political systems evolve? New research suggests they develop much as animals do, with incremental growth...

POLITICAL structures evolve in much the same way as biological species, according to new research. And just as species can decline and vanish without warning, unstable political groupings can also degrade and disappear.
We wait in hopeful joy...

Could conditions arise where the complexity of our own society could collapse? The authors do not comment on whether European societies could see breakdown and a return to chiefdoms or some other simpler political structure.
Certainly, however, tribalism and the notion of a “chief” readily describes our political parties, so perhaps we are already on the way to a new, simpler political dawn.
Hope not. Our collapse is not a step back to a simpler way of life, we will still be part of a highly complex world system and the last thing we need is a big chief continuing to dictate things within a tribal political system - look where that has got us. Simplification and decentralisation sound good.

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