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Explorer Prepares To Dig Up 140 Mint Condition Spitfires



Interesting bit of WW2 history, some diplomatic issues had to be overcome given the location. It will be nice to see them restored.

British Explorer Prepares To Dig Up 140 Mint Condition Spitfires That Were Buried In 1945 - Business Insider

More than 25 years ago, British farmer David Cundall overheard a comment from a group of U.S. veterans who said they buried an unused fleet of World War II Spitfires in the Burmese jungle to hide them from Japanese troops.

The rumor wedged itself in his mind and he resisted it for more than 10 years before finally satisfying his curiosity.

the Spitfires are buried in the original crates with their wings folded back along their bodies, covered in grease and wax paper. Their joints are even tarred and they're expected to be in pristine condition.

The Americans buried the planes, covered them with 40 feet of soil and assumed the British would be back later to dig them up and wipe them off, but the RAF never bothered.


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Apr 8, 2012
Hopefully all these 140 or so Spitfires will be recovered in good condition and are returned back to Britain where they will be put in museums and maybe even fly again. It'd be great to show young children the planes will helped them to enjoy the freedoms they and those elsewhere in Europe have today.

These planes not only helped to rid Europe of the evil Nazi thugs but are also the most beautiful aircraft ever made and one of the great symbols of Great Britain.