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Eye for an Eye: Saudi man (24) to be surgically paralyzed

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Eric Cartman

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Dec 16, 2010
Saudi court said to order criminal to be surgically paralysed - Middle East News | Latest News Headlines | The Irish Times - Thu, Apr 04, 2013

Amnesty International has condemned a reported Saudi Arabian court ruling that a young man should be paralysed as punishment for a crime he committed 10 years ago which resulted in the victim being confined to a wheelchair.
The London-based human rights group said Ali al-Khawaher (24) was reported to have spent 10 years in jail waiting to be paralysed surgically unless his family pays one million Saudi riyals (€207,850) to the victim.
The Saudi Gazette newspaper reported last week that Khawaher had stabbed a childhood friend in the spine during a dispute a decade ago, paralysing him from the waist down.
Saudi Arabia applies Islamic sharia law, which allows eye-for-an-eye punishment for crimes but allows victims to pardon convicts in exchange for so-called blood money.
My thoughts are with that young Italian student, who came to Ireland several years ago and was attacked by some utter scumbag in Dublin 3 I believe, leaving him severely brain damaged. I think stoving that Dublin bloke's head in with a lead pipe would've probably prevented more crime. Naturally, I do not believe that the Government would've borne the cost of his care.

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