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Feminist schism: policital exclusion of liberals by matriarchals


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Oct 9, 2006
After Jim Cusack's reporting ('Escort' web firm hits out at RTE sex work expose - Independent.ie) of the latest in outside reaction to the #sexworkhearing, politics.ie's 2 cent on the topic (http://www.politics.ie/forum/backstage/205218-vinb-wed-30-1-2013-prostitution-should-decriminalised.html) and Iceland's move to criminalise pornography (Iceland considers pornography ban - Telegraph) it appears the feminist centre is on the move.

100 years ago a liberal woman smoked in public and achieved universal sufferage. Today the battle of political and moral exclusion by the conservatives of the liberals is ramping up in what appears to be the century of women.

Will Ireland return to the conservative feminism once under the sway of the nuns dominating the conversation in a law of prohibition and compulsion? How will the next generation deal with this political media battle with online campaigns? And will quota feminism re-unite them in the face of the old idea of gender equality?

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