FF cliques to collapse? Impact for vote blocks?


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May 16, 2007
Just a thought. With a huge number of FF'er bound to lose their seats, and/or, simply not run again, I wonder what impact it will have on the internal FF machine and candidates for leader. Lets assume the candidates are Michael Martin, Mary Hanafin, Brian Lenihan and I guess Dermot Ahern.

If its left til after the next election...

Mary O'Rourke is retiring, Conor Lenihan at severe risk of losing his seat

Martin & Hanafin:
By all accounts in severe trouble. The contest here isn't with Labour or FG, but to beat the constituency colleagues to the one seat probably on offer.

And there's a huge swaythe of FF'ers who might well not go for re-election. I've heard O'Rourke, Ardagh, Ahern and many others are unlikely to run.

Do any of these 'princes' (sic) need to move now to become kings, or are they better placed post election? Is becoming leader the only way to save some of their seats? The C&W brigade to take the heaviest hit, or the urbanites?

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