Finally! The Scotch Hall cinema complex

sic transit

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Jan 30, 2008
The "rusty shell" that is Scotch Hall 2 has finally been given the go-ahead, at least on funding by NAMA. Of most interest is the long-promised purpose built multiplex, which hopefully will obviate the need to hit the motorway to see films. I don't consider the partly revamped cramped rooms on Bolton Square as qualifying as a modern cinema. On the other elements, seeing as Scotch Hall these days has so much empty space I can see no sense adding to it at this time. Even so there will be 150 construction jobs as well.

NAMA backs shop plans for Drogheda cinema and shopping complex to create 300 jobs - National News -

Paddy Meade

Mar 15, 2011
Is all money coming in, good money?

Drogheda is a town full of shopping complexes some small some big, all struggling and fighting for our custom.

I love the way we're sold projects when the government wishes for us to support them, outlining the 150 jobs, however I would like to see the in dept discussions that took place between NAMA and Edward Holdings. For NAMA must see this as a viable project, and by investing €20,000,000 it sure gains confidence, however does NAMA see Scotch Halls success at the expense of the alternative cinema and shops in town.

Don't get me wrong as an Architect in town I love to see good development in our town, and as a social been a new cinema and shop units are nice things.

However I am concerned about the business model been presented here, or lack off.

I do fear that National Money going into the Scotch Hall Project through NAMA will raise serous competition advantages and disadvantages at the expense of the other town retailers.

Thus I ask and question are NAMAs best internists the same as the best internists of Drogheda long term?

Kind Regards,

Paddy Meade.

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