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Feb 19, 2009
So we have GE coming up.

Are there any rules in Ireland which force those running to furnish some form of financial statement as to their affairs?

I would not feel comfortable voting for any candidate unless I was able to find out the following:

Are they solvent?

Have they loans in NAMA (which would mean 5 million + in property exposure)?

Are they current in their borrowings?

How exposed to property are they?

I would imagine that a good share of candidates would not be able to get through the above questions with a clean bill of health.

Given NAMA is a private entity; we are being shielded to the true facts as to the exposure of our elected officials.

I believe that politicians with large debt/property exposure are not suitable for government it puts them in a compromised position regarding any vote regarding our economy, and any budgetary changes, and carry a conflict of interest in their governance.

We have a law preventing the bankrupt from representing the people, which NAMA and our slow legal system is shielding for now.

I want people in power to have proven themselves honest and prudent, and until any candidate in your constituency can furnish documentation to that effect, people should disregard them as candidates, due to serious conflicts of interest in the makeup of any government.

Demand it.

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