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May 11, 2009
I am a staunch FG supporter always have been but I am starting to think that they are totally overawed by the EPP. AFIK the EPP have 10 EU heads of government amongst their members and it would appear that they have totally cowed FG into accepting the bailout agreement. I know FG are making some noises along the lines of "we won't be forced to accept 4 year plan or we won't be tied to FF budgets" but they are only noises. The wiggle room that they have left themselves is Gilmore-like in it's vastness. I was in regular e-mail contact with a FG parliamentary party member over the last few months but as soon as I mentioned FG flipping the EPP the bird all correspondence stopped. This is not a "hell hath no fury compared to a p.ie poster scorned" post but has anyone else heard anything that would lead them to believe that FG policy is being strongly influenced from outside the country.

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