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First abortion........and now gay adoption..............the changes are ringing!

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Johnny Boy

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Poots challenges ruling on gay adoption - Local - Belfast Newsletter

HEALTH Minister Edwin Poots will urgently appeal a ruling by the High Court that the Northern Ireland ban on gay and unmarried couples adopting children is discriminatory.

Mr Justice Seamus Treacy said the rule unjustifiably targeted those in civil partnerships. At present, a single gay or lesbian person can adopt but a couple in a civil partnership cannot.
The finding came in a challenge to adoption laws brought by the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission (NIHRC).
But Mr Poots said his department’s position was “unchanged” by the judgment.
At the outset I'll admit that I have concerns, not on the basis of the ability of gay couples to provide children with a safe, loving environment to grow up in - that is already proven. My issue is that children here, in this benighted dump, might be bullied by the children of the bigots.
However, on balance, the judgement is correct.
And this photo supports the notion.

Let's not add Holy Cross photos - far too emotive in our environment.....................and discuss it on the basis of the values involved - difference being the main one.
Seriously, let's keep sectarianism out of this - you'd struggle to find a Catholic or Protestant clergyman anywhere in Ireland who'd support this decision.
Let's discuss it on the basis of moral justice - not Christian values.
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