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Nov 17, 2012
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Free Ambazonia Now

- Solidarity with our Brothers & Sisters in their Fight for Freedom!:evil:

Yes Folks while SF want a Language Act in the North

- out in Africa there are people who just want speak their own Language without being put upon over it

Their Common Language is:

- :shock:English!

I don't know whether their cause would better suit SF or the DUP

- but as SF seem to have a Position Paper on every Conflict Past and Present

- maybe this might be right up their Alley....

On the other hand the DUP might find Common Cause with other Folk who just want to speak English

- and be left in Peace....

But on a serious note:

Soldiers shot dead at least eight people and wounded others in Cameroon’s restless English-speaking regions on Sunday during protests by activists calling for its independence from the majority francophone nation, an official and witnesses said.

If full scale revolt breaks out would that suck in Nigeria to intervene in a Police action type of operation?

One to watch anyway....

Lumpy Talbot

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Jun 30, 2015

The OP can't spell.

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