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Apr 26, 2010
Just watched an extended party political broadcast on behalf of the Green Party on RTE One.

Entitled Green Gold! and breathlessly presented by Paul Cunningham, the show drooled over the enormous wealth that will be generated in the smart Green economy. Saving the planet while making billions and billions!

We were told that all green ideas are brilliant and will make loads-a-money. Electric cars, wave power, giant salt lakes, smart meters, you name it! Clearly we just have to get out there, cover the country in wires and pylons and we'll be jetting around the world in fancy suits again!

Does anyone believe this jaded sh$te?

Colm McCarthy was off-message, referring to "green energy puffery".


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May 26, 2009
We could do with a few giant salt lakes at the moment. I embraced a complete stranger the other day in an effort to stay upright on an icy pavement.

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