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Jan 21, 2015
Good to see students standing up for themselves and not falling for all the indoctrination which seems to treat people like imbeciles. There seems to be a turn a foot with more people coming out against safe spaces and even "generation snowflake" is mainstream term of derision at this stage.
I like the way the university termed it, they were expected to go but it wasn't mandatory , wait what now?

Don't patronise us! Freshers at university's first sex consent class stage protest by walking out in disgust  | Daily Mail Online

Students staged a walkout yesterday in protest at a university's first ever 'consent classes' aimed at preventing rape and sexual harassment on campus.

Every first-year was expected to go to the sessions at York University, although officials said that attendance had not been compulsory.

Student union leaders said the 'gender neutral' lessons were necessary to protect freshers' 'wellbeing, physically and mentally'. The aim of the classes was to make students aware of the definition of rape and how to avoid raping someone or becoming a rape victim. But others on campus branded the ten-minute classes 'patronising'.

One consent class saw a quarter of freshers walk out in disgust and handfuls walked out of several of the others.

Campus activist Ben Froughi, 23, a third-year accounting student, stood outside some of the sessions handing out fliers and encouraging students to boycott the talks if they disagreed with them.

'Consent talks are patronising,' he said. 'If students really need lessons in how to say yes or no then they should not be at university.


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Jan 17, 2011
Please fix that disgusting thread title!

This is not America. In Ireland, we protest "against" something.


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