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There is another thread on the Advertiser's take on local politics, but think this is quite different. I've been critical of the tendency to just roll out press releases by local politicians without any proper editing by the Advertiser, but it has to be said that their coverage of national politics lately has been very forceful.

Naturally they covered the drink-in and the editorial was scathing:

Piston broke ? What?s the story, morning glory? - Galway Advertiser - September 16, 2010.

While The Squire Haughey did a fantastic impression of a porn star, screwing the entire country and its gossip columnists at the same time, saying ‘take it baby.’ Ah, they’re a gas lot, the FFers when it comes to entertaining us with an auld camalya song or versions of Phil Coulter songs. But back to Biffo, the man of the moment. His star impression is that of a drunk.

However, there’s one impression that poor Brianeen is no good at and that’s his impression of a Taoiseach in control or even a Taoiseach who gives a damn. This is one party trick that he hasn’t yet mastered, no matter how he tries, no matter how sincere he tries to come across, he still fails to convince me that he’s An Taoiseach. When he does that impression, I don’t see a leader in front of me at all. I just see your typical smalltown solicitor who being of silver spoon background, likes to ingratiate himself with the little people with the auld song, the auld guff, and a few pints.The sort of fella is probably a decent skin, but who cannot disguise his disdain for the fundamentals of the job, leading and communicating.

They also have a weekly column by Pearce Flannery, who doesn't hold back either:

Fact and fiction - Galway Advertiser - September 30, 2010.
They have lied to us many times before to save their skins and they are doing it again. Their primary motivation is self preservation and damage limitation to ‘the party’. Fianna Fáil caused this problem through their greed, corruption, and incompetence. That is a fact. They are simply not able to get us out of it.
Our beloved leader - Galway Advertiser - August 05, 2010.
His unwillingness to address the issues of sleaze and corruption within his own party is equally as telling. Ivor Callely is still a member of the Fianna Fáil party and remains a Taoiseach’s nominee to Seanad Eireann. No action has been taken either by Cowen or the Fianna Fáil party. Likewise party members Willie O’Dea, John O Donoghue, Bertie Ahern and Beverly Cooper-Flynn all still serve in Government in spite of their unsavoury record in public service. Surely someone committed to ‘Government of the people, by the people and for the people’ would have no allegiance with people who debase the democratic or political process. Not in Cowen’s world. His philosophy seems to mirror that of a dictator in that he keeps the spoils of office for his inner cabal and to hell with everybody else.
We cannot allow people such as Brian Cowen, Mary Coughlan and their colleagues to sully our reputation any further. In politics as in life perception is everything. How our representatives are perceived reflects how each one of us is perceived.

Tell me a joke - Galway Advertiser - October 07, 2010.

We are fighting the greatest battle in our history and our most senior officer is regarded as a drunken moron. His colleagues are proven incompetents. Some are absolute imbeciles. Our officer corps must be deposed because we the foot soldiers are the ones who will die in this war because of their folly. They will hide with their snouts in the trough like they always do. We are the ones in the trenches. We urgently need leaders!

Practically every article of late has been tearing into the government and FF in particular

Finally Kernan Andrews seems to have joined in in this weeks paper with an article titled
"FF betrayers of the 1916 vision" (can't find it online) which ends

The most patriotic thing a person can do in light of all this is not to vote Fianna Fail at the 2011 General Election and to keep them out of government for as long as it takes for the party to understand what it has done to the republic
Given that this is the most widely read newspaper in a constituency where FF have 2 and a 1/2 TD's, (and probably in Galway East too) isn't it remarkable what people are saying about them now?

(Now if only the advertiser would take the same sort of approach to local politicians of all colours....)


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Jan 28, 2008
Galway voters have a lot to answer for.
They have consistently voted in FFers throughout the years especially on the West of the county.
Nevermind about hosting the corrupt tent.


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Jul 14, 2010
I lived in Galway for 7.5 years and the Advertiser was something I only flicked through to see who was playing in the Roisin Dubh or what was showing in the cinema, nice to see that it has finally found some teeth.

Tomas Mor

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Feb 22, 2010
Galway voters have a lot to answer for.
They have consistently voted in FFers throughout the years especially on the West of the county.
Nevermind about hosting the corrupt tent.
There were even some FFers in Connemara and around Carraroe who, though able to read and write, used go into polling stations and call out aloud their voting for FF so as everyone could know it.This continued up to the fifties even.

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