Galway west ballot so far


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Oct 20, 2010
Ballot so far is; cll Nolan Lab,, N Grealish Td Ind,, E O'Cuiv Td FF (edit) Catherine Connolly Ind

This Sunday the Fine Gael convention will be held
In the race so far are,,
P McCormack TD city,, Sen.Fidelma HE oranmore,, cll Brian Walsh city,, cll Hildagard Naughton city,,cll Sean Kyne moycullen,, Joe Lee barna forbo,, cll P.Coneelly city,, and Keith Stephens nuig,,.....
Headquarters will ask that only two be selected at convention and they will add the third,,
It is expected that Sean Kyne, Joe Lee, P Coneelly will pull out before convention,,
The third person will be decided on who is selected in the city area, if it is Walsh, Sean Kyne will want to be added to the ticket.

It is not known whether FF will run 2 or 3 or if Fahey or Crowe or both will run.
Fahey is down to 1 Councillor on his side and the fact is that Fahey will walk rather than be bet and the fact that his empire is worth less now the pension will look a preferable option.

Ladour are still debating whether to run 2 or not,, perhaps cll McNellis.

Do not know of any other independents that has put name forward so far.
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Sep 10, 2010
Catherine Connolly is running as an Independent and launched her campaign on Monday night. I suspect there will be other such Independents to come along.

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