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Gardaí examine CCTV images in bank card scam


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May 28, 2010
Thought this warranted a mention today, Gardai are invetigating a suspected criminal gang involved in a bank card scam. They have uncovered devices in Dart stations in South Dublin and from bank machines in other railway stations.

Just be vigalante whenever you are using your bank card and if you spot something unusual at your ATM - don't use your card and call the guards. Nothing worse than having your wages or savings cleaned out with Christmas around the corner.

I thought this was knocked on the head years ago but it seems these criminals are audacious, cunning and sophisticated. Let's hope they are caught and brought to justice soon.

Gardaí examine CCTV images in bank card scam | BreakingNews.ie
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Picasso Republic

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May 31, 2011
Ahhh shure the poor misfortunes come from disadvantaged places, have no opportunities and should not be subjected to singling out - why do you focus only on ATM skimming crime and not all crime.

Additionally, if it turns out that this is a Romanian, Bulgarian or Ukranian criminal gang, it will be racist to state this fact.

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