gender pay gap reporting


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Jul 17, 2012
Courts can't do that. Only the market can do that.

If check out chicks want a storehouse wage, then go get a storehouse job. Yet more whinging and moaning and gimme gimme gimme.

If you want the pay do the job, or STFU.
what the firm should do is say if all them jobs are the exact same they can swap them round sos any day you wouldnt know if youd be sittin on your hole doin the beep beep or youd have to put in a days work in the warehouse!!!!


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May 2, 2010
I've read the judgment. Have you?
No, but then I'm not hanging my hat on a legal argument behind which I have no idea of the strategy. I'm basing mine on real world experience rather than second hand assumptions of strategy, like you are doing.

You still have not answered my question as to your experience of warehousing and I'm quite sure you have ZERO.

Like i said, there are likely many reasons why ASDA didn't go down the equivalency route and no judgement can give you insight into that. This is why experience and knowledge of the knowledge and skills of warehousing jobs is essential to discuss this topic.

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