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Socratus O' Pericles

Well-known member
Oct 12, 2009
I feel the time has come when the average citizen must protest in a way they feel is effective.

Traditional forms of protest marches, lobbying etc. are proven to be valueless.
As is membership of a trade union or a “pretend “left wing party.

The simple fact of the matter is that as default on BoI/AIB bonds would not lead to a Lehmann’s like collapse and Great Depression such hyperbole is worse than lies--- but this cannot be communicated to the masters.

How about a National General Default on Mortgages & Rent for February and March 2011.

This would:

Have the effect of letting the masters know we still have some economics rights.
Crystallising the bank debts swiftly and getting away from “kicking the can down the road”

Give the lie to this only game in town nonsense –there are always options

Give the other side a go- economist as diverse as McWilliams and Gurdgiev have stated clearly and given reasons why we must and will default.

Show we still have a bit of fight.

I’m doing it anyway I hope others will join me –they cannot repossess all our houses.


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Nov 11, 2010
That isn't default.

Default means that you never have any intention of paying anything again with respect to your mortgage. What you are suggesting is deferral of payment. All that you would be doing is deferring two months payments on your mortgage. The debt doesn't go away you know. It would just mean that your account would be two months in arrears.

This idea is as daft as those petrol protests that people have from time to time. The old 'don't buy petrol on Friday'. The thing is that you just buy petrol ahead of time, or on the Saturday. In the end you're going to buy more petrol.

So what's the idea with respect to mortgages? Try to get away with never paying for February and March, or send in payment for three months in April? If you try the former you'll just a letter in the post telling you that you are two months in arrears, and that you still owe the money.

Annraoi Blaney

Active member
Nov 8, 2010
The idea is being discussed around town.. If enough people deffred payment for two months, the banks would feel a big pinch. If there was enough people willing to do it,it would show that there is still power....why dont our "masters" have the baIIs to stand up to the bond holders... Just imagine if 150,000 people deffred their payments. It would get attention....

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