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Germans told to STOCK PILE food & water + consider reintroduction of conscription

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Apr 6, 2008
Stockpile food in case of attack, Germany tells citizens - The Local

Germany on Wednesday urged its population to stockpile food and water in case of terrorist or cyber attacks, as it adopted its first civil defence strategy since the end of the Cold War.
Germans told to stock up on food and water as part of national crisis plan - timesofmalta.com

Germany has told its citizens to stock up on water and food in the event of a terrorist attack or national catastrophe and may even consider re-introducing conscription in its first overhaul of civil defences in two decades.
Chancellor Angela Merkel's cabinet approved the 70-page plan at a time when Germans are particularly on edge after two Islamist attacks in July and several much larger-scale attacks in France and Belgium this year.
Germans told to stockpile food and water for civil defence - BBC News

For the first time since the Cold War the German government is advising citizens to stockpile food and water for use in a national emergency.

Citizens are advised to store enough food to last them 10 days, because initially a disaster might put national emergency services beyond reach.

Five days' water - two litres (half a gallon) per person daily - is advised.

The German news website Frankfurter Allgemeine (FAZ) said the new concept was set out in a 69-page German Interior Ministry document.
Also in - Germany warns its citizens to stockpile emergency food and water in case of terror attack | Europe | News | The Independent

So - Whats up here? Other media discussing large Russia military buildups on Ukraine border.

Then you have this:

Alliance Between Russia, Turkey, Iran on Syria Taking Shape

And then the USA alledgedly moving there NUKES from Turkish Incirlik Air Base up to ROMANIA, closer to Russia?

US moves nuclear weapons from Turkey to Romania – EurActiv.com

Are we sleep walking into some sort of large war? Does Germany know something we do not?

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