Gerry Adams, 2nd most popular leader down south


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May 30, 2007
With Gerry Adams the 2nd most popular leader in the Republic and Sinn Fein on 10% support in the latest opinion poll, Sinn Fein can look forward to a good general election performance next year with at least doubling their representation in the Dail.
At 10% in the polls I would expect SF to get in the region of 16 seats on a good day and 10 on a bad day....


Apr 17, 2010
He hasn't gone away you know....According to the TV3 poll Gerry Adams is the second most popular leader down south. So West Brits, all your gobbing about Adams been unknown and unpopular down here is just yer usual tripe :rolleyes: :)

" Labour's Eamon Gilmore is the most popular party leader in the country with a 68% approval rating. Gerry Adams is next on 30%, Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny is on 24% while the leaders of the coalition parties, John Gormley and Brian Cowen, are on 19% and 18% respectively. "

Labour on 35% according to TV3 poll -
I'd hardly call a 30% approval rating a ringing endorsement. Additionally, 4% support in any opinion poll is nothing to crow about. That has to be close to the margin of error in the poll. They haven't gone away but they are low enough in the polls to be unlikely to do any further damage.


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Sep 1, 2009
Wasn't Mary Harney the highest ranked leader in the country by a mile when the PD's got hammered a few year's back? It led the the end of the PD's. I wouldn't read anything into Adam's popularity. On the ground in ROI, Sinn Fein still mean little or nothing in potential government terms to most people; west brits or otherwise.

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