Grafton Street "Improvements"


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May 9, 2013
But John, with his flowing locks and long black cashmere coat as he is floated up towards the glass atrium, has the demeanour of a 19th century anthropologist or fossil-hunter cast up on an island among the most strange and amusing natives whom he peers at in a most paternalistic fashion through his eye-glass..

Every time I see Waters in the this shining cathedral of Mammon, I suspect that he is doing research for one of his Irish Times articles
Nah, he just needs socks, a USB stick, milk, and a bloody present for so done, just like the rest of us. Shopping centres are the great equaliser. Everyone's equal, because everyone's a potential customer. Drundrum has no bohemian quarter..( hmm.. Idea )


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Sep 21, 2012
Is it really necessary to drive everywhere? I think the great thing about the city is that you don't have to drive anywhere, you can walk about and explore in some nice car free environments.
People often over estimate the importance of driving and parking on shopping in Dublin but far more shoppers actually walk or use public transport rather than drive (I think it was a Dublin City Business Association report I read, not sure though) and that cyclists who are often derided are more frequent shoppers.
People here are saying that high parking charges are responsible for the decline of Grafton but I really don't think it is, the streets around Grafton are thriving.

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