Greens prepared to hold on a little longer??


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Apr 29, 2009
But note the way the greens worded the statement - "we believe it is time to fix the date for a General Election in the second half of January 2011" could mean either (a) that they wanted an election in the second half of the coming January, or (b) they wanted FF in the second half of January to fix a date. If you take (b) as the interpretation FF only has to announce sometime in the latter half of next month any date they want in the next 2 years for a GE and the greens would say they were satisfied.
Yeah, either scenario would be valid. But playing on words should be avoided by politicians who want to be taken seriously as politicians. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

But that's just my naive side speaking.

Mar Tweedy

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Dec 12, 2008
@miclin you said there were no cuts to the National Educational Psychology service. That's not true. There were plenty of cuts in the education budget especially ones to services for those who are already educationally disadvantaged like language support, for Traveller children and the NEPs.


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Oct 28, 2009
The Greens are backstabbers who have pulled the plug for no logical reason and their decision will not add one vote to their candidates. Allowing FG/Lab to come to government at this critical time for the economy is not in this case backstabbing FF, its backstabbing the country !
Unless of course it was a brilliant stroke and they will continue to 2012. Now wouldnt that cause a few heart attacks in the ABFF


Jun 19, 2007
@miclin you said there were no cuts to the National Educational Psychology service. That's not true.
You're contradicting something I didn't say. I said that "that there would be no cuts in the number of Special Needs Assistants, or in educational psychologists".

Also you are conflating service and budget. A budget can be cut without a service reduction (for example by cutting salaries).

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