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Help Me Understand Politicans Wages

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Aug 23, 2011
I feel it's fair to suggest that the majority of people in Ireland currently feel there is an imbalance of pain being felt as regards wages, cuts and effects on standards of living. As much as I try to understand how Irish politicans can justify making (admittedly most times required) cuts while still earning up to six times the average salary - I can't. I simply end up confused and angry. It's very important to me that I remain open to a fresh perspective - the purpose of this thread is to see if anyone can in fact justify our politicans high wages. Is it a case of paying the best to sort out the mess? Hour for hour do they represent hidden value for money? Is there something I'm missing? Anyone who can offer me reasonable justification will be affording me peace of mind on the subject.

German MP's shock at level of TDs' pay - National News - Independent.ie

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