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Sweet Darling

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Jan 2, 2017
Dear Jesus on a hoverboard but some of the people on this site are just fncking insane.

How come large-scale social housing works just fine in right-wing countries like Austria, never mind the commie lefties of Scandinavia, but somehow the poor of Ireland are iredeemably Evil and will just steal and wreck everything around them.

If you treat people like scum they'll act like scum because they have nothing left to lose. This blatantly obvious point completely escapes the FFG gombeen contingent of p.ie. Most of whom are clearly box-room-dwelling unemployable trolls themselves.
Maybe the folks in Austria and Scandinavia tell the do gooders to F off and chuck the scumbag families out


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May 28, 2009
But if the people in social housing are good people, why would it be a ghetto? Nobody says middle class people need to live with rich people or it will become a middle class ghetto
This is a very good question that hasn’t been answered. If they are good people, why do you say that if they live together they’ll destroy the place? We don’t say that about the middle class or the rich.

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