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How well do you know the world? In pictures you've never seen before


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Apr 30, 2009
Competition time peeps.

This thread will of course be consigned to chat ASAP, but actually it shouldn't. Unlike all the politics.ie threads about politics.ie threads about politics.ie posters talking about politics.ie posters, this is genuinely interesting (for me at least), challenging, and fun.

A lot of you may know the site already, but basically on this site here you are challenged to guess the location of the Google 360 image. The website is here: GeoGuessr - Let's explore the world! and after two attempts the best I've done is here: GeoGuessr - Let's explore the world!

My, that's a big link. Well, I'm off to bed know and couldn't be arsed *******ing it. I would ask for people to play fair and go with gut instinct rather than typing in names and stuff into Google. Have fun while the thread lasts.

Of course, if any enlightened mod is around, I am posting this as an experiment to see if P.ie posters' geography and rationale is better or worse than other countries. I'm then juxtaposing it to the technology section as a way of demonstrating how Google products can have enormous educational potential.....or something

Rory Buckley

Oct 15, 2016
Know your place

:DCan you name a Healthcare Provider, anywhere in the world, who, at the first appointment, examines the patientÂ’s suitability for teaching needs?