Icelandic Volcano: Reports of 2nd Eruption

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Aug 23, 2009
Not the dreaded Katla, but the aptly named Grimsvotn. Just breaking on Zerohedge.

More unpronounceable geological mayhem is about to come to the fore out of Iceland's business end. The country's volcano gods, which as we pointed out previously demand the sacrifice of a former FRBNY henchman to be placated, will not be denied, and will likely make airplane travel in and out of Europe just that more problematic, and just in time for the holiday season. While most have been following the tremor activity around Katla, this time the action takes us to the heretofore unknown, to most, Grimsvotn. As AP reports "torrents of water are pouring from a glacier that sits atop Iceland's most active volcano, an indication that the mountain is growing hotter and may be about to erupt, scientists said on Monday."

The flood that began on Thursday at the Grimsvotn volcano is similar to one in 2004 that lasted five days and ended with an eruption that disrupted European air traffic, University of Iceland geophysicist Pall Einarsson said.

In April, millions of air travellers around the world were grounded when ash from Iceland's Eyjafjallajokul volcano led most northern European countries to close airspace for five days.

There are no signs yet of the underground tremors that would signal an eruption at Grimsvotn, Icelandic Meteorological Office geophysicist Gunnar Gudmundsson said.

Grimsvotn lies under 200m of ice on the Vatnajokull glacier in southeast Iceland. In addition to 2004, it erupted in 1998 and 1996, causing flooding to a largely uninhabited plain around it.

The flooding triggered by hot molten rock, or magma, from the volcano has been expanding a lake underneath the glacier, building pressure strong enough to send water pouring from under the ice cap.

A rugged island in the north Atlantic, Iceland is one of the world's most volcanically active countries.

We predict that as a result, 24/7 gazing at closed circuit cameras pointed at some random mountain on the horizon is about to become a national pastime once again.

The clip below shows what happens when Iceland volcano gods get angry (as of the last eruption in the volcano in 2004):
Iceland Volcano Gods Angry Again, Threaten European Airspace With Latest Bout Of Indigestion | zero hedge

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