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Sep 13, 2008
Don't know whether you followed the story this week on Joe Duffy?
Haven Cosmetic Surgery boss Laszlo Ruscsak « Random Irish News
Anaesthetist suspended in gastric band dispute | Irish Examiner

While questions resurface about the appointment of the suitability of Locum consultants(YET AGAIN!!!!) in Ireland. The position of the IMC may come under scrutiny again also.

Claim against doctor rejected - Latest News, Health - Independent.ie

Should say that the HSE have now suspended the good doctor...pending investigation.


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Apr 27, 2010
Caveat Emptor I would have thought. Going to Hungary to have major abdominal surgery.... Nuts.


Patients who engage in patient mobility for this type of surgery only seem to think about the outlay's for medical costs and certainly nothing about the the possibily of things going wrong or the aftercare arrangements...

It would get you thinking how many patients actually bother to consult with their General Practitioner or any doctor practising in a hospital in Ireland before heading off for major or even minor surgery!

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