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Sep 25, 2010
We learned this week that Paul Gogarty of the Greens favoured the IMF bailout put forward to the Dail for a vote.

Now two Fianna Fail TD'S have tabled a motion at this weeks parliamentary meeting.
Also considering the recent Red C Poll putting Fianna Fail on 13% and Brian Cowen on 8%, surely this shows Brian Cowen and his party have no moral authority to take actions on our behalf.

John Gormely has told us he has sleepness nights, and feels like he is in an asylum, surely a Dail vote should be allowed for the sane minded people to vote, and I include a few FF backbenchers in that.

Does it have a chance to be voted on?

Taoiseach and backbenchers at odds over need for Dail vote on IMF bailout - National News, Frontpage - Independent.ie

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