IMF/EFSF: probable consequences


Oct 1, 2010
I am 11 months dealing with a government department, do you think they would be bothered to spend 20min processing something that has to be done, they are more than a disgrace, they ore incompetent. So work less if that is possible and in time you will have your ass out on the street where you belong.
Here here!


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Apr 3, 2009
Public Sector pay and pension cuts
Public Sector redundancies
Social welfare cuts
Income Tax rises
Property Tax
Water Rates
Bank closures & redundanciesAmalgamation of local government authorities
They haven't sacked any of them yet ,I don't think they'll start now.
70% haven't done a tap in 2 years


They haven't sacked any of them yet
'They' aren't calling the shots any more. The new 'They' are coming to sort out the banks once and for all and don't care about the votes tied up in AIB and BOI.


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Feb 23, 2009
I am not at all sure that we will see rioting on the streets, every dog on the street knew that the bubble was un-sustainable, and lets remember apart from the builders and Public service who gained from it? I did not gain from the Celtic tiger, lots did not, of those I know that did gain will not survive in the coming years and do not deserve to either, they would never have made it in normal times. For every person who calls for a riot there is five who believe not.

I could be wrong, but can you see the Public Service rioting? Not a chance, they know full well that the game is up and whatever cuts come down the line they deserve regardless of whatever whinging they do.
Benchmarking delivered 9%, Lenihan removed 14-17%.

Trying to categorise the PS with builders/developers is a nonsense.

More of the anti PS bull. If you think that the cuts that mayl be imposed on the PS won't have far reaching financial consequenses for the wider community you're sadly mistaken. The IMF are nobody's friends. This constant whinging about PS/Private sector is a nonsense.


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May 28, 2010
Massive increase in crime and suicide.
Huge demonstrations.
Social welfare to be cut by 60% or even more.
Abolition of the Medical card except for OAPs.
Corporate tax increased to 20%
Disclosure of widespread Government corruption with the banks.
Sean Fitzpatrick and pals going to jail(wish)
Ireland becoming a third world country.


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Jan 20, 2009
A few bombs,a few dead politicians, the assassination of at least one IMF official,Gardai in old PSNI landrovers in barricaded stations,no co-operation with the courts or revenue.
A second civil war?
And our bonds go through the roof. No-one will lend us money including the ECB and IMF. I mean no-one!

No wages for anyone, empty shops and/or a queue around the block for food kitchens. Widespeard starvation and so on and so forth.

You think the IMF is bad? It would be 10 times worse without the IMF.

We are bankrupt as a nation and still people are in denial.

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