Innovation to make taxpayer funds go further


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Dec 5, 2009
Well it appears that there will be massive cuts and immoderate demands made on taxpayers in the forthcoming budgets.

Thus it is important that what taxpayer funds there are, go precisely to where they are most needed and wanted.

In this regard, could I put out the bones of a suggestion?

- Would it be very difficult to design a web interface driven database to allow the public to allocate the taxpayer funds to those areas they deem most deserving?

Say, the site lists all areas of public spending, and show through graphics and figures the money being allocated and how it is being spent...

Each division or organisation in receipt of public funding must then justify their existence to the public through the site, show how they are spending the money, etc - and the public gets to vote online whether to reduce each organisation's budget, or increase it, in line with how public opinion perceives the social need and social priorities... (eg. there could be discussion forums set up to discuss the in's and out's of each funding area before voting etc.)

Perhaps some of the software development that's been done on all those e-voting machines won't go to waste after all!

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