Invitation to PositiveMoney @ Kilkenomics 2018 Free event

Groucho Marx

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Nov 9, 2012
Invitation to PositiveMoney @ Kilkenomics 2018 Free event

The Magic Money Tree?
It really does exist! Come and find out how it works.
The City Branch Library at John’s Quay Kilkenny Sat 10th November 11am – 1pm We are told by politicians and economists that there isn’t enough money for health, education, welfare, the community and voluntary sector, small and medium businesses… and yet new money is constantly being created for investment in property and the financial sector.

Positive Money NI is a group of citizens who meet monthly in Belfast to educate ourselves about money and economics. During Kilkenomics 2018 we are offering this free accessible introduction to” The Money Tree” and invite you to join us afterwards in an open and energetic discussion on why it matters that 97% of the money supply is created by private banks.

Details : Complementing all that is good about Kilkenny
Groucho Marx

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