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Ireland to hold referendum on Unified Patent Court in the EU

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Ireland is to hold a referendum on an EU unified patent court agreement where the people shall decide whether or not to cede judicial powers to the centralised court.

any decision by Ireland to ratify the agreement would take place after other countries, including the UK, France and Germany, ratify the agreement.

Yesterday EU ministers signed the unified patent court agreement, which sets out the framework for a new centralised court to deal with European patent law. It marks a key stage in the move towards an EU-wide system for patents, a proposal that has been discussed in various forms for close to 40 years.
EUobserver.com / News In Brief / Ireland to hold referendum on EU patent court

Referendum needed over patents - European Economic News | EU Budgets, Trends & Spending | Irish Tim - Wed, Feb 20, 2013


Tea Party Patriot

Well-known member
Oct 31, 2010
If it is confined to patents I would have no problem with it, the simpler international patents can be made the better.

hiding behind a poster

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Mar 8, 2005
Wow, even politics.ie's gonna struggle to paint that one as a huge big anti-Ireland conspiracy on the part of the Big Bad EU.


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