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Ireland's brand popularity is up: Indo


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Jun 6, 2012
Now, normally I'm quite partial to good news stories about this country. We need a more positive outlook to get us out of these doldrums. So when I saw the headline below, my little heart skipped a happy beat.

As ever, with the Irish Independent, the devil is in the detail. In the past 5 years, after dealing with "our issues" and all our "economic problems" which apparently leads to the world loving us again, it turns out that we're more popular by all of one place - 19th to 18th. Zippedy-doo-dah!

Of course, this is pure Indo nonsense. If we'd dropped a place, it would be a national calamity.

Mods, I'm putting this in Media because the issue is the newspaper IMHO, not the actual story. Feel free to disagree and move.

Ireland's global popularity up as we deal with issues - Independent.ie


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Mar 18, 2012
The Irish people continue to be the country's greatest asset, ranking in the top 10 countries in almost half of all those countries studied when it comes to being "warm and friendly,"
Real or stereotype? Anyway, it's good news.

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