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Irish citizen captured fighting with ISIS


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May 28, 2009
Wow, if you actually believe that I implied in any way that she is a woman of principle then you are truly deluded. As far as I'm concerned the world would be a better cleaner and safer place if the camps she and the rest of her filthy scumbag brethren are in were bombed and raised to the ground annihilating every single one of them.
I agree. Kill them all.


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Nov 11, 2010
No you're not making yourself clear at all. Now you're claiming she's a woman of principle.

I think she warrants a long imprisonment for joining ISIS but let's hear her story first. The Kurds have been courageous enough . She's our problem that was inflicted on them so we should deal with her.

The Kurds should misplace her while she is being transferred from the camp to wherever she is sent to next.

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